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C3 Darwin Team Culture


-C3 Team Serving Core Values-


1.   We are serving God in all we do. We give Him our best. It’s about Him, not us. We know He sees & rewards. 

2.   We serve with joy and a smile! There is no greater privilege than serving God and joining Him in His purpose of building the local church.

3.   We serve with excellence. The details matter. Being on-time matters.

4.   We love people. People are more important than task. We are gracious & helpful.

5.   We are part of a Team. We find fun and encouragement in serving together with others. We know that in unity is our strength. Together we are better.

6.   We are big people. We are not easily offended. We see the bigger picture. We practice forgiveness and work at maintaining good relationships with others. We are resilient and faith-filled, knowing that challenge will come, but we have victory.

7.   We honour & submit to those God has placed above us, knowing this is His way of blessing for all.

8.  We are flexible. We plan well, but understand sometimes things don’t go to plan.

9.  We encourage one another! We see the difference others make and tell them regularly. We find the fun on the journey.

10. We choose to be a ‘servant’ in every role we play. We are children of God with a great inheritance, but from this blessed place we serve and love others.



That's my why!


Pastor Lars Shared this Video in this week's staff meeting. Well worth the watch!